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The Syrian Revolution: A Synopsis l ?????? ??????? : ????? ???? ??????

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Postat 3 iunie 2013 | 0 favorit
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Acest video facut in limba ingleza,descrie povestea revolutiei siriene si cum s-a comportat regimul cu demonstrantii in primele 6 luni , dupa care din pacate s-a transformat intr-o revolutie inarmata pentru aparare societatii de armata regimului dictatorial. This video was made in order to raise awareness on whats going on in Syria. Its quite unfortunate however to say that this video can only give you a glimpse of what's happening in Syria. Though a synopisis, it's a very informative video on Syria. Please SHARE, TWEET, AND LIKE! SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE! The world needs to know whats going on! The people in Syria are crying for your help? Will you answer there call? Chicago can hear your cries! SHARE AND LIKE :) DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AS WELL FOR UPCOMING VIDEOS!
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